Fear is an illusion

Danger is very real, it does exist

But fear poisons the only thing that was ever really required to avoid and defeat danger. Wisdom.

Fear is unnecessary.


A staple in the Legin Brand, launched in 2019, the simple message endures reminding everyone who rocks with us....

Fear Not.

Fear Not CLASSIC Collection

Fear Not CLASSIC Collection

WHERE IT ALL STARTED!!!! Classic Collection with the original Black "We are... 

Fear Not


    This is Legin and I want to thank you for all of your support of Fear Not Merch.  
    This began as a message and a dream in Kenya in June 2017, starting designing in 2018, testing Spring 2019 and launching during my "Dark Room Tour" Fall 2019!  
    Your overwhelming support has let us know our message, Trust God + Fear Not, is something we all need to hear daily.
    Again, thank you 

Legin's Virtual Concert Collection

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